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odo v3.3.0 Released

· 4 min read

odo v3.3.0 is now out!

To install odo, follow the installation guide.

Notable Changes

Check this Playlist for an overview of the most notable changes in this release:


Experimental Mode (#6150)

There is now an Experimental Mode in odo that can be enabled by exporting ODO_EXPERIMENTAL_MODE=true to your environment. All the new features will be generally available under this mode, giving you an opportunity to try them out sooner.

odo dev using Podman (#6151)

You can now useodo dev to run your application on Podman. odo leverages the benefit of Podman to work seamlessly with Kubernetes YAML and replicate them to containers locally. This is an experimental feature and can be used with --run-on flag.

odo list namespaces is now available in JSON format (#6257)

odo describe component can now list Routes/Ingresses (#5990)

Applications deployed in the Deploy mode often include resources such as Routes (on OpenShift) and Ingresses (on Kubernetes) to allow access to an application. odo describe component can now list these resources.

Detailed Changelog

As with every release, you can find the full list of changes and bug fixes on the GitHub release page.


  • Add support for an experimental mode #6300 (rm3l)
  • Adds ability to list namespaces in JSON format #6295 (dharmit)
  • Centralize environment configuration #6293 (feloy)
  • display equivalent odo init command for odo init interactive #6265 (anandrkskd)
  • Implement odo delete component --files to delete files generated by odo #6255 (rm3l)
  • List Routes/Ingresses created by odo deploy in odo describe component #6244 (valaparthvi)
  • Podman dev #6183 (feloy)
  • Update odo to use go 1.18 #6166 (dharmit)


  • Disable loading a single branch when getting git starter project #6290 (feloy)
  • fix to prioritize newly added registry #6289 (anandrkskd)
  • fix login failure on interop tests with error: x509 #6288 (anandrkskd)
  • Sanitize value for '' label #6284 (rm3l)
  • If command has only one command assume that it is default #6281 (kadel)
  • resolve inconsistent order of registries in preference view #6266 (anandrkskd)
  • Fix rpminspect specname inspection failure #6241 (rm3l)
  • odo dev deletes remote resources not present in the Devfile #6189 (valaparthvi)




  • Remove localconfig LocalConfigProvider abstraction #6285 (feloy)
  • Make functions for executing run command reusable #6277 (feloy)
  • Make 'pkg/logs' platform-agnostic #6251 (rm3l)

Merged pull requests:

Contributing to odo

If odo interests you, and you would like to contribute to it, we welcome you!

You can contribute to odo in a lot of different ways!

Take it for a spin 🚘 and report back bugs🐞 that you encountered, or features🌟 that you would like to see.

Help us with the documentation📜, or tell us how you used odo 🖍.

Review the PRs👀, or help us fix a failing test 🚩.

Work on the TODOs📝, or help us cleanup the code🚮.

Or, simply tune in📻 to our contributor calls and learn more about odo.

odo is your playground!

Read the developer reference guide on contributing to odo to know more.