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odo v3.8.0 Released

· 3 min read

odo v3.8.0 is now out!

To install odo, follow the installation guide.

Notable Changes

Check this Playlist for an overview of the most notable changes in this release: odo v3.8.0 (Sprint 232)

odo on Podman out of Experimental mode

Starting with odo v3.8.0, you can use the Podman platform for your development, without the need to enter the experimental mode of odo.

The following commands are supporting the Podman platform:

  • odo dev --platform podman
  • odo logs --platform podman
  • odo list component
  • odo describe component
  • odo delete component

Detecting in-cluster Devfile registries

odo traditionally gets the list of Devfile Registries to work with from a preference file saved on the user's machine. Starting with v3.8.0, odo will also fetch a list of Devfile registries defined into the cluster.

Support Exec command for Deploy

odo can now execute any command when running the deploy command.

Detailed Changelog

Full Changelog


  • Make port-forwarding work on Podman with apps listening on the loopback interface, via a new --forward-localhost flag #6629 (rm3l)
  • Remove podman from experimental mode #6628 (feloy)
  • Automatically use in-cluster Devfile registries if any #6622 (rm3l)
  • On Podman, detect if application is listening on the loopback interface, and either error out or not depending on --ignore-localhost #6620 (rm3l)
  • Bump Go to 1.19 #6586 (rm3l)
  • Describe non-odo component #6615 (feloy)
  • Support exec command #6579 (valaparthvi)


  • Skip DevfileRegistriesList-related tests on non Kubernetes clusters #6640 (rm3l)
  • Ignore errors that might happen when getting Devfile Registries from the cluster #6639 (rm3l)
  • Allow : character in devfile registry URI #6624 (feloy)
  • fix links to devfile 2.2.0 spec #6616 (kadel)
  • Use Node image compatible with Z and P environments #6626 (HarshithaMS005)


  • Document air-gapped env #6627 (feloy)
  • Add preview video of odo on the website home page #6605 (rm3l)
  • blog: odo with .NET and PostgreSQL on OpenShift #6500 (kadel)

Contributing to odo

If odo interests you, and you would like to contribute to it, we welcome you!

You can contribute to odo in a lot of different ways!

Take it for a spin 🚘 and report back bugs🐞 that you encountered, or features🌟 that you would like to see.

Help us with the documentation📜, or tell us how you used odo 🖍.

Review the PRs👀, or help us fix a failing test 🚩.

Work on the TODOs📝, or help us cleanup the code🚮.

Or, simply tune in📻 to our contributor calls and learn more about odo.

odo is your playground!

Read the developer reference guide on contributing to odo to know more.