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odo v3.15.0 Released

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odo v3.15.0 is now out!

To install odo, follow the installation guide.

Notable Changes

Check this Playlist for an overview of the most notable changes in this release:


odo init: Filter Devfile stacks by architectures

When running odo init either interactively or non-interactively, the supported architectures declared in the Devfile are now handled.

odo UI: create volumes, autoBuild/deployByDefault support, volumes, resources edition

The creation of volumes and volume mounts has been added, as well as the support of the autoBuild/deployByDefault parameters for Images and Resources.

The edition of Volumes, Resources, Images, Containers and Commands has been implemented.

[Dev UI] Deleting single item from multi-value fields

This adds the ability in the odo dev UI to delete single items from multi-value fields:

  • container endpoints
  • volume mounts
  • multi-text fields, like Container Command and Args, or Image Build Args
  • multi-key-value fields, like Container Env Vars, Deployment Annotations and Service Annotations
  • multi-commands fields, in use in Composite Commands

Detailed Changelog

As with every release, you can find the full list of changes and bug fixes on the GitHub release page.

Release of v3.15.0

v3.15.0 (2023-09-26)

Full Changelog


  • Ignore devstate when existing process name is not odo + delete devstate files with odo delete component #7090 (feloy)
  • [UI] Allow single item deletion from multi-value fields #7084 (rm3l)
  • Display icon in metadata #7078 (feloy)
  • [ui] Edit container #7077 (feloy)
  • [ui] Update commands #7073 (feloy)
  • [ui] Edit images #7068 (feloy)
  • Warning if version of Devfile is different from 2.2.0 #7065 (feloy)
  • [UI] Make sure form validation displays non-valid fields as red in all forms #7064 (rm3l)
  • [ui] Edit resources #7062 (feloy)
  • [ui] Edit volumes #7061 (feloy)
  • [ui] Set AutoBuild and DeployByDefault #7051 (feloy)
  • [ui] Complete container creation #7035 (feloy)


  • Make warning messages more visible #7097 (rm3l)
  • Make sure a Deploy command is present in the Devfile before auto-applying components #7093 (rm3l)
  • Fix API Server panic when volume component has no ephemeral field set #7080 (rm3l)
  • Make sure to run parallel commands part of a composite command in parallel #7075 (rm3l)
  • [ui] Fix Resource URI button not checked #7070 (feloy)
  • Fix invalid link to installation page from all release blog posts #7069 (rm3l)
  • Add a Devfile dependency for commands #7063 (feloy)
  • Fix API Server port detection issue by making sure the same local address is used for listening and checking if the port is available #7041 (rm3l)



  • Fix potential namespace name collision issue with odo create/delete/list/set namespace/project tests #7050 (rm3l)
  • Use multiarch image for postgresql instance #7049 (feloy)


  • Replace with #7005 (Juneezee)

Merged pull requests:

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Contributing to odo

If odo interests you, and you would like to contribute to it, we welcome you!

You can contribute to odo in a lot of different ways!

Take it for a spin 🚘 and report back bugs🐞 that you encountered, or features🌟 that you would like to see.

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Review the PRs👀, or help us fix a failing test 🚩.

Work on the TODOs📝, or help us cleanup the code🚮.

Or, simply tune in📻 to our contributor calls and learn more about odo.

odo is your playground!

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