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odo v3.13.0 Released

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odo v3.13.0 is now out!

To install odo, follow the installation guide.

Notable Changes

Check this Playlist for an overview of the most notable changes in this release:


odo describe component displaying information about the running API Server

The command odo describe component now displays the information to access the API server started by odo dev. When this command is executed in Experimental mode, it also displays the information to access the odo graphical user interface.

odo dev --logs displaying logs during a Dev session

Previously it was necessary to execute an odo logs command in parallel to a Dev session started with odo dev, to be able to get the logs of the running component.

You can now ask with odo dev --logs to display the logs of the component in the output of the odo dev command.

API documentation

The documentation of the odo API served during a Dev session is accessible from the Dev session itself.

odo Graphical User Interface

The PoC available at has been integrated into odo. When running odo dev in experimental mode, you can access this inteface to view and edit the Devfile used for the Dev session.

Detailed Changelog

As with every release, you can find the full list of changes and bug fixes on the GitHub release page.

Release of v3.13.0

v3.13.0 (2023-07-24)

Full Changelog


  • Move from #6937 (feloy)
  • Alert user when Devfile is synced #6996 (feloy)
  • Serve SwaggerUI #6989 (feloy)
  • Remove API Server from experimental mode, set UI Server as experimental #6985 (feloy)
  • Add UI telemetry #6981 (feloy)
  • Propagate local Devfile changes to the UI #6970 (rm3l)
  • Display information about the running API Server and web UI in odo describe component output #6964 (rm3l)
  • Support Architectures in odo registry #6959 (rm3l)
  • odo dev --logs #6957 (feloy)
  • Serve UI from api server #6954 (feloy)
  • Add new --run-port flag to odo init to set ports non-interactively #6953 (rm3l)
  • Implement odo api-server command #6952 (feloy)
  • Add /devfile PUT and GET endpoints #6950 (feloy)
  • Display list of commands from the local devfile in odo describe component output #6944 (rm3l)
  • Implement devfile state in odo api #6941 (feloy)
  • Watch for new pods when logs --follow #6914 (feloy)


  • Fix potential port conflict issue with the API server tests by using a random server port if --random-ports is set #6995 (rm3l)
  • Add Preference dependency to api-server command #6974 (feloy)
  • [UX] Fix default value of ImageRegistry in odo preference view output #6951 (valaparthvi)
  • Fix oc to odo project translation #6949 (valaparthvi)
  • Fix CI Devfile Registry URL used in OCP interop tests #6946 (rm3l)
  • Document and return JSON data for API errors #6938 (feloy)




  • Generate static UI files from within a container #6972 (rm3l)
  • Update go.mod with new location of the Alizer library #6962 (rm3l)

Merged pull requests:

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Contributing to odo

If odo interests you, and you would like to contribute to it, we welcome you!

You can contribute to odo in a lot of different ways!

Take it for a spin 🚘 and report back bugs🐞 that you encountered, or features🌟 that you would like to see.

Help us with the documentation📜, or tell us how you used odo 🖍.

Review the PRs👀, or help us fix a failing test 🚩.

Work on the TODOs📝, or help us cleanup the code🚮.

Or, simply tune in📻 to our contributor calls and learn more about odo.

odo is your playground!

Read the developer reference guide on contributing to odo to know more.