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odo v3.11.0 Released

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odo v3.11.0 is now out!

To install odo, follow the installation guide.

Notable Changes

Check these playlists for an overview of the most notable changes in this release:


Devfile changes handled by odo dev on Podman

When a user is running odo against Podman, the changes to the Devfile are detected and applied, So the user can continuously iterate on the project without having to restart odo dev manually.

Allow passing extra flags to Podman/Docker

odo is now able to pass extra flags to Podman or Docker backends, used for building images or starting a Dev session (Podman only).

The main use case behind this is to allow users of odo to build images targeting a platform running a different architecture, e.g., users on arm64 architecture (like Mac M1) building images for a Kubernetes cluster that does not support arm64.

See Passing extra flags to Podman or Docker for more details.

Handling imageName in Image Component as a selector

odo can now push images from Image Components to a given registry and use that for all matching Kubernetes/OpenShift components manifests, without having to hardcode that information into the Devfile, so that developers can keep their devfile portable.

See How odo handles image names for more details.

Detailed Changelog

As with every release, you can find the full list of changes and bug fixes on the GitHub release page.

Release of v3.11.0

v3.11.0 (2023-05-30)

Full Changelog


  • Track preference options usage #6843 (rm3l)
  • Reuse same volumes when devfile is modified, on podman #6810 (feloy)
  • Delete previous pod and creates new ond when modifying devfile on podman #6802 (feloy)
  • Allow using imageName as a selector #6768 (rm3l)


  • Make sure event is recorded whenever telemetry preference is changed #6842 (rm3l)
  • Do not error out in port detection if any of the /proc/net/{tc,ud}p{,6} files are missing in the dev container #6831 (rm3l)
  • Add a timeout when initializing the Podman client (broken Podman should not affect odo dev on cluster) #6808 (rm3l)
  • Updating the oudated release script #6801 (ritudes)
  • Fix: odo init overwrites personalized configuration when downloading starter project #6800 (valaparthvi)
  • Fix HotReloadCapable Build command #6696 (feloy)


  • Fix should print warning about default namespace when running odo dev test when Dev Session does not start correctly #6848 (rm3l)
  • Fix issues with describe/list binding tests #6839 (valaparthvi)
  • Fix flaky odo dev test on Podman by randomizing component names #6833 (rm3l)
  • Only run cluster tests on nightly tests, not nocluster tests #6825 (feloy)
  • Do not run 'odo-infra-stage-test' Workflow on PRs if not needed #6823 (rm3l)
  • Move parent devfiles in specific directories #6818 (feloy)
  • Wait after killing odo during integration test #6816 (feloy)
  • fix failing nightly tests #6814 (feloy)
  • Check latest version from index instead of using hardcoded value #6789 (feloy)



  • Use a single handler for executing all commands #6826 (feloy)

Merged pull requests:

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Contributing to odo

If odo interests you, and you would like to contribute to it, we welcome you!

You can contribute to odo in a lot of different ways!

Take it for a spin 🚘 and report back bugs🐞 that you encountered, or features🌟 that you would like to see.

Help us with the documentation📜, or tell us how you used odo 🖍.

Review the PRs👀, or help us fix a failing test 🚩.

Work on the TODOs📝, or help us cleanup the code🚮.

Or, simply tune in📻 to our contributor calls and learn more about odo.

odo is your playground!

Read the developer reference guide on contributing to odo to know more.