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odo v3.0.0-rc2 Released

ยท 3 min read

3.0.0-rc2 of odo has been released!

To install odo, follow our installation guide at

Note about Release Candidateโ€‹

With rc2, we are feature complete. Our GA release will include:

  • Onboarding updates, including updates to the Quickstart guide
  • Video tutorial

Notable Changesโ€‹

Check this YouTube playlist for an overview of the most notable changes in this release.


odo dev manually sync files upon pressing "p" (#6089)โ€‹

odo dev can now sync files when user presses the key "p".

odo list services lists bindable servicesโ€‹

odo version shows the cluster informationโ€‹

Detailed changelogโ€‹

As with every release, you can find the full list of changes and bug fixes on the GitHub release page.


  • Adds support for odo list services #6118 (dharmit)
  • Add runtime label based on metadata:language/projectType #6112 (feloy)
  • JSON output for preference view #6105 (feloy)
  • Manual sync of files pressing p #6089 (feloy)


  • Try to reload config when disconnected from the cluster #6130 (feloy)
  • Port-forward all endpoints regardless of exposure #6119 (rm3l)
  • Fix broken links to installation guide #6117 (valaparthvi)
  • Do not display message when using no-watch flag #6116 (feloy)
  • Show Kubernetes cluster version in odo version #6109 (valaparthvi)
  • No error/help display for JSON output #6106 (feloy)
  • Display "Interactive mode enabled" only when running odo init interactively #6100 (rm3l)
  • Use map for runningIn instead of array in JSON output #6094 (feloy)
  • [flaky test] Move DetectName to method in alizer package #6093 (feloy)
  • Fix interactive tests on Windows #6091 (feloy)
  • (odo init): Add input validation for component name #6088 (valaparthvi)
  • Fix: (odo list) Empty parenthesis for odo version if component is not on the cluster #6078 (valaparthvi)


  • Fix typo in README #6133 (rm3l)
  • Fix broken links to #6128 (rm3l)
  • docs: move deploying to advanced usage #6124 (kadel)
  • upgrade to docusaurus 2.1 and fix version mismatch #6123 (kadel)
  • Adds tabs for podman/docker docs and OS differences #6115 (cdrage)
  • Update with logo & updated text #6104 (cdrage)
  • Fix default value for Ephemeral in documentation #6102 (rm3l)
  • Guide for migrating from v2 to v3 #6095 (dharmit)
  • Reorganizes installation document #6086 (cdrage)
  • Remove cluster setup #6081 (cdrage)
  • Blog post for v3.0.0-rc1 release #6074 (feloy)
  • Reorganize and separate language / framework tutorials. #6071 (cdrage)


Merged pull requests: