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odo 2.4.3 Released

2.4.3 of odo has been released!

Notable changes in odo 2.4.3#


odo deploy command #5228 (@feloy)#

In Devfile specificion v2.2.0 new component image and command group deploy were introduced. odo deploy command uses those features to allow users, deploy their application as it would be deployed in production. To build container images odo deploy requires Podman or Docker to be installed on your machine.

You can find example of how to use image component and deploy command group in devfile.yaml in devfile-nodejs-deploy repository.


$ git clone
$ cd devfile-nodejs-deploy
$ odo project create nodejs-example
$ odo create
$ odo deploy


Know issues wth odo deploy#

  • Resources deployed using odo deploy can't be deleted using odo #5246
  • odo deploy doesn't work without running odo create or odo push first. #5289
  • There is no odo command that would show if odo deploy was executed or not and what is its status #5248

Bug fixes:#