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odo 2.0.1 Release

2.0.1 of odo has been released!

What's new#

Secure starter project support#

With this release, you can now deploy a component directly from a secure registry.

$ odo create nodejs --registry <secure registry name> --starter --starter-token <starter project token>

App comands#

A series of new commands have been added to app.

You can now list, describe and delete an app with the following commands:

$ odo app list
$ odo app describe <app-name>
$ odo app delete <app-name>

PROJECT_SOURCE env variables#

PROJECT_SOURCE now works as an environment variable when specifying a workingDir inside a devfile.yaml.

$ export PROJECT_SOURCE=/tmp/foobar/
- exec:
commandLine: mvn -Dmaven.repo.local=/home/user/.m2/repository spring-boot:run
workingDir: ${PROJECT_SOURCE}

Full changelog#

New features:

  • odo url delete should work without arguments #4106
  • When using a devfile with multiple starter projects, odo should ask the user which one to use #3812
  • Add support for overriding composite commands #3759
  • Release 2.0.1 of odo #4152 (cdrage)
  • feat: Allow composite commands to be overridden #4043 (johnmcollier)
  • Update build version to 2.0.0 #4022 (cdrage)
  • Adds app commands for devfile components #4007 (mik-dass)
  • Update integration testcases and e2e testcases for ppc64le support #4000 (sarveshtamba)
  • Save PROJECT_SOURCE for containers mounting source #3979 (maysunfaisal)
  • Secure starter project support #3743 (GeekArthur)

Code Refactoring:


  • Nit: odo url list shows :// before it is pushed #4109
  • odo storage create should create without a path #4101
  • odo push fails for s2i components #4071
  • odo devfile push command tests failed with error "Failed to create the component: error while waiting for deployment rollout: watch channel was closed"" #4058
  • odo create: --s2i flag is broken #4048
  • Overriding parent devfile's commands no longer works #4038
  • Unable to mount bootstrap volume to deployment config sub path "ODO_S2I_DEPLOYMENT_DIR" on 4.6 cluster #4015
  • component volumeMount path validation error #4005
  • devfile volume component size bug #4004
  • odo rewrite should preserve "unknown" properties of 'metadata' (and other optional properties?) per devfile schema #3968
  • Beta release: Operator Hub does NOT work & tests are disabled (tracking issue) #3932
  • Switching from run to debug mode shows no build but build occurs #3929
  • odo allows devfile commands with duplicate ids #3886
  • Odo fails when devfile component container name is really long #3698
  • nit: dont show url as :// in odo url list #4111 (girishramnani)
  • Update vendor-update makefile target #4086 (johnmcollier)
  • read s2i paths from both Config and ContainerConfig #4068 (kadel)
  • Fixes message indicating no build when run mode is switched #4066 (mik-dass)
  • Update script to import right imagestream for tests. #4065 (sarveshtamba)
  • Default vol mount path to vol name if absent #4045 (maysunfaisal)
  • make odo list's output for no components consistent #4029 (girishramnani)
  • Don't allow duplicate command IDs #4001 (johnmcollier)
  • 3968-add more optional metadata #3987 (yangcao77)
  • Update s2i image for the library change on s390x plaftorm. #3974 (zhengxiaomei123)
  • add container name validation during creation and push #3959 (yangcao77)
  • Fix deletion of files and folders created during watch #3890 (mik-dass)


Documentation & Discussions:

  • Unexpected mention of 'crc' in 'kubernetes prerequisites' #4113
  • fix windows installation instructions #4077
  • Update debugging page on how to debug via application + IDEs #3971
  • installing odo documents changes for IBM Z platform #3913
  • Developer CLI odo doc needs update #3878
  • odo cli reference doc still pointing to old reference examples #3870
  • Add documentation of storage commands for devfile components #3761
  • Update deploying a devfile documentation #4133 (cdrage)
  • Add links to new Kubernetes Slack #4128 (cdrage)
  • Update secure registry documentation #4099 (cdrage)
  • Update doc to support installation on IBM Power for the latest version.[skip ci] #4049 (sarveshtamba)
  • Fixes sections in Opreator Hub documentation #4041 (dharmit)
  • Update doc to support installation on IBM Z for the latest version.[skip ci] #4040 (zhengxiaomei123)
  • Update the installation page and blog #4032 (cdrage)
  • Add blog post regarding 2.0.0 GA release #4026 (cdrage)
  • Update asciinema on the README #4020 (cdrage)
  • Fix minor docs issue in community page #3999 (cdrage)
  • Update the debugging documentation #3972 (cdrage)
  • Adds a document regarding the usage of storage commands. #3936 (mik-dass)

Closed issues:

  • Create Windows Chocolatey package #4078
  • Discussion about PVC usage for non root containers in OpenShift default namespace #4053
  • Openshift 4.6 code freeze interoperability testing #3994
  • Setup periodic testing on internal openstack #3953
  • Beta testing on windows and macOS #3952
  • $PROJECT_SOURCE env variable #3781
  • Download of starter project stored in a secure repo #3574
  • Support downloading starter project from secure repository/host #3567

Merged pull requests: