Odo 2.0.1 release!

Oct 27 2020

odo has reached 2.0.1 and we're excited to show you what's new

2.0.1 of odo has been released!

What’s new

Secure starter project support

With this release, you can now deploy a component directly from a secure registry.

$ odo create nodejs --registry <secure registry name> --starter --starter-token <starter project token>

App comands

A series of new commands have been added to app.

You can now list, describe and delete an app with the following commands:

  $ odo app list
  $ odo app describe <app-name>
  $ odo app delete <app-name>

PROJECT_SOURCE env variables

PROJECT_SOURCE now works as an environment variable when specifying a workingDir inside a devfile.yaml.

 $ export PROJECT_SOURCE=/tmp/foobar/
- exec:
    commandLine: mvn -Dmaven.repo.local=/home/user/.m2/repository spring-boot:run
    workingDir: ${PROJECT_SOURCE}

Installing odo

Installing odo on Linux

Binary installation

# curl -L https://mirror.openshift.com/pub/openshift-v4/clients/odo/latest/odo-linux-amd64 -o /usr/local/bin/odo
# chmod +x /usr/local/bin/odo

Installing odo on macOS

Binary installation

# curl -L https://mirror.openshift.com/pub/openshift-v4/clients/odo/latest/odo-darwin-amd64 -o /usr/local/bin/odo
# chmod +x /usr/local/bin/odo

Installing odo on Windows

Binary installation

  1. Download the latest odo.exe file.

  2. Add the location of your odo.exe to your GOPATH/bin directory.

Setting the PATH variable for Windows 10

Edit Environment Variables using search:

  1. Click Search and type env or environment.

  2. Select Edit environment variables for your account.

  3. Select Path from the Variable section and click Edit.

  4. Click New and type C:\go-bin into the field or click Browse and select the directory, and click OK.

Setting the PATH variable for Windows 7/8

The following example demonstrates how to set up a path variable. Your binaries can be located in any location, but this example uses C:\go-bin as the location.

  1. Create a folder at C:\go-bin.

  2. Right click Start and click Control Panel.

  3. Select System and Security and then click System.

  4. From the menu on the left, select the Advanced systems settings and click the Environment Variables button at the bottom.

  5. Select Path from the Variable section and click Edit.

  6. Click New and type C:\go-bin into the field or click Browse and select the directory, and click OK.

Full changelog

New features:

  • odo url delete should work without arguments #4106
  • When using a devfile with multiple starter projects, odo should ask the user which one to use #3812
  • Add support for overriding composite commands #3759
  • Release 2.0.1 of odo #4152 (cdrage)
  • feat: Allow composite commands to be overridden #4043 (johnmcollier)
  • Update build version to 2.0.0 #4022 (cdrage)
  • Adds app commands for devfile components #4007 (mik-dass)
  • Update integration testcases and e2e testcases for ppc64le support #4000 (sarveshtamba)
  • Save PROJECT_SOURCE for containers mounting source #3979 (maysunfaisal)
  • Secure starter project support #3743 (GeekArthur)

Code Refactoring:


  • Nit: odo url list shows :// before it is pushed #4109
  • odo storage create should create without a path #4101
  • odo push fails for s2i components #4071
  • odo devfile push command tests failed with error “Failed to create the component: error while waiting for deployment rollout: watch channel was closed”” #4058
  • odo create: –s2i flag is broken #4048
  • Overriding parent devfile’s commands no longer works #4038
  • Unable to mount bootstrap volume to deployment config sub path “ODO_S2I_DEPLOYMENT_DIR” on 4.6 cluster #4015
  • component volumeMount path validation error #4005
  • devfile volume component size bug #4004
  • odo rewrite should preserve “unknown” properties of ‘metadata’ (and other optional properties?) per devfile schema #3968
  • Beta release: Operator Hub does NOT work & tests are disabled (tracking issue) #3932
  • Switching from run to debug mode shows no build but build occurs #3929
  • odo allows devfile commands with duplicate ids #3886
  • Odo fails when devfile component container name is really long #3698
  • nit: dont show url as :// in odo url list #4111 (girishramnani)
  • Update vendor-update makefile target #4086 (johnmcollier)
  • read s2i paths from both Config and ContainerConfig #4068 (kadel)
  • Fixes message indicating no build when run mode is switched #4066 (mik-dass)
  • Update configure-installer-tests-cluster-ppc64le.sh script to import right imagestream for tests. #4065 (sarveshtamba)
  • Default vol mount path to vol name if absent #4045 (maysunfaisal)
  • make odo list’s output for no components consistent #4029 (girishramnani)
  • Don’t allow duplicate command IDs #4001 (johnmcollier)
  • 3968-add more optional metadata #3987 (yangcao77)
  • Update s2i image for the library change on s390x plaftorm. #3974 (zhengxiaomei123)
  • add container name validation during creation and push #3959 (yangcao77)
  • Fix deletion of files and folders created during watch #3890 (mik-dass)


Documentation & Discussions:

  • Unexpected mention of ‘crc’ in ‘kubernetes prerequisites’ #4113
  • fix windows installation instructions #4077
  • Update debugging page on how to debug via application + IDEs #3971
  • installing odo documents changes for IBM Z platform #3913
  • Developer CLI odo doc needs update #3878
  • odo cli reference doc still pointing to old reference examples #3870
  • Add documentation of storage commands for devfile components #3761
  • Update deploying a devfile documentation #4133 (cdrage)
  • Add links to new Kubernetes Slack #4128 (cdrage)
  • Update secure registry documentation #4099 (cdrage)
  • Update doc to support installation on IBM Power for the latest version.[skip ci] #4049 (sarveshtamba)
  • Fixes sections in Opreator Hub documentation #4041 (dharmit)
  • Update doc to support installation on IBM Z for the latest version.[skip ci] #4040 (zhengxiaomei123)
  • Update the installation page and blog #4032 (cdrage)
  • Add blog post regarding 2.0.0 GA release #4026 (cdrage)
  • Update asciinema on the README #4020 (cdrage)
  • Fix minor docs issue in community page #3999 (cdrage)
  • Update the debugging documentation #3972 (cdrage)
  • Adds a document regarding the usage of storage commands. #3936 (mik-dass)

Closed issues:

  • Create Windows Chocolatey package #4078
  • Discussion about PVC usage for non root containers in OpenShift default namespace #4053
  • Openshift 4.6 code freeze interoperability testing #3994
  • Setup periodic testing on internal openstack #3953
  • Beta testing on windows and macOS #3952
  • $PROJECT_SOURCE env variable #3781
  • Download of starter project stored in a secure repo #3574
  • Support downloading starter project from secure repository/host #3567

Merged pull requests: