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Version: v3

Deploying to IBM-Z and Power Architectures

Deploying your first devfile on IBM Z & Power

Since the DefaultDevfileRegistry doesn't support IBM Z & Power now, you will need to create a secure private DevfileRegistry first. To create a new private Devfile Registry, please check the devfile/registry-support repository.

The images can be used for devfiles on IBM Z & Power

LanguageDevfile NameDescriptionImage SourceSupported Platform
.NETdotnet60Stack with .NET
GogoStack with the latest Go versiongolang:latests390x, ppc64le
Javajava-mavenUpstream Maven and OpenJDK, ppc64le
Javajava-openlibertyJava application Maven-built stack using the Open Liberty,, ppc64le
Javajava-openliberty-gradleJava application Gradle-built stack using the Open Liberty, ppc64le
Javajava-quarkusQuarkus with, ppc64le
Javajava-springbootSpring Boot® using, ppc64le
Javajava-vertxUpstream Vert.x using, ppc64le
Javajava-webspherelibertyJava application Maven-built stack using the WebSphere Liberty, ppc64le
Javajava-websphereliberty-gradleJava application Gradle-built stack using the WebSphere Liberty,, ppc64le
Javajava-wildfly-bootable-jarJava stack with WildFly in bootable Jar mode, OpenJDK 11 and Maven, ppc64le
JavaScriptnodejsStack with Node.js, ppc64le
TypeScriptnodejs-angularStack with Angular 12node:lts-slims390x, ppc64le
JavaScriptnodejs-nextjsStack with Next.js 11node:lts-slims390x, ppc64le
JavaScriptnodejs-nuxtjsStack with Nuxt.js 2node:ltss390x, ppc64le
JavaScriptnodejs-reactStack with React 17node:lts-slims390x, ppc64le
JavaScriptnodejs-svelteStack with Svelte 3node:lts-slims390x, ppc64le
JavaScriptnodejs-vueStack with Vue 3node:lts-slims390x, ppc64le
PHPphp-laravelStack with Laravel 8composer:2.1.11s390x, ppc64le
PythonpythonPython Stack with Python, ppc64le
Pythonpython-djangoPython3.7 with, ppc64le

Note: Access to the Red Hat registry is required to use these images on IBM Power Systems & IBM Z.