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Version: v3

odo run

odo run is used to manually execute commands defined in a Devfile.


A command connect is defined in the Devfile, executing the bash command in the runtime component.

schemaVersion: 2.2.0
- id: connect
component: runtime
commandLine: bash

$ odo run connect

For Exec commands, odo dev needs to be running, and odo run will execute commands in the containers deployed by the odo dev command.

Standard input is redirected to the command running in the container, and the terminal is configured in Raw mode. For these reasons, any character will be redirected to the command in container, including the Ctrl-c character which can thus be used to interrupt the command in container.

The odo run command terminates when the command in container terminates, and the exit status of odo run will reflect the exit status of the distant command: it will be 0 if the command in container terminates with status 0 and will be 1 if the command in container terminates with any other status.

Resources deployed with Apply commands will be deployed in Dev mode, and these resources will be deleted when odo dev terminates.