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Version: v3

odo list binding

You can use odo list binding to list all the Service Bindings declared in the current namespace and, if present, in the Devfile of the current directory.

This command supports the service bindings added with the command odo add binding, and bindings added manually to the Devfile, using a ServiceBinding resource from one of these apiVersion:


The name of the service binding is prefixed with * when the service binding is declared in the Devfile present in the current directory.

To get more information about a specific service binding, you can run the command odo describe binding --name <name> (see odo describe binding command reference).

Running the Command

To list all the service bindings, you can run odo list binding:

odo list binding
$ odo list binding
binding-to-redis my-nodejs-app-app (Deployment) redis (Service) Dev
* my-nodejs-app-cluster-sample my-nodejs-app-app (Deployment) cluster-sample ( (namespace: shared-ns-1) Dev
* my-nodejs-app-cluster-sample-2 my-nodejs-app-app (Deployment) cluster-sample-2 ( Dev