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Version: v3

Develop and Deploy

The two most important commands in odo are odo dev and odo deploy.

In some situations, you'd want to use odo dev over odo deploy and vice-versa. This document highlights when you should use either command.

When should I use odo dev?

odo dev should be used in the initial development process of your application.

For example, you should use odo dev when you are working with a local development environment and are:

  • making changes constantly
  • want to preview any changes
  • testing initial Kubernetes support for your application
  • want to debug and run tests
  • deploy privately on a local development environment

When should I use odo deploy?

odo deploy should be the deploy stage of development when you are ready for a "production ready" environment.

For example, you should use odo deploy when you are working with a production environment and are:

  • ready for the application to be viewed publically
  • require building and pushing the container
  • needing custom Kubernetes YAML for your production environment