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Version: v2

Configuring odo global settings

The global settings for odo can be found in preference.yaml file; which is located by default in the .odo directory of the user's HOME directory.



A different location can be set for the preference.yaml by exporting GLOBALODOCONFIG in the user environment.

View the configuration

To view the current configuration, run odo preference view.

odo preference view


$ odo preference view

Set a configuration

To set a value for a preference key, run odo preference set <key> <value>.

odo preference set updatenotification false


$ odo preference set updatenotification false
Global preference was successfully updated

Note that the preference key is case-insensitive.

Unset a configuration

To unset a value of a preference key, run odo preference unset <key>; use -f flag to skip the confirmation.

odo preference unset updatednotification


$ odo preference unset updatednotification
? Do you want to unset updatenotification in the preference (y/N) y
Global preference was successfully updated

Unsetting a preference key sets it to an empty value in the preference file. odo will use the default value for such configuration.

Preference Key Table

UpdateNotificationControl whether a notification to update odo is shownTrue
NamePrefixSet a default name prefix for an odo resource (component, storage, etc)Current directory name
TimeoutTimeout for Kubernetes server connection check1 second
PushTimeoutTimeout for waiting for a component to start240 seconds
RegistryCacheTimeFor how long (in minutes) odo will cache information from the Devfile registry4 Minutes
EphemeralControl whether odo should create a emptyDir volume to store source codeTrue
ConsentTelemetryControl whether odo can collect telemetry for the user's odo usageFalse