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Version: v2

JSON Output

The odo commands that output some content generally accept a -o json flag to output this content in a JSON format, suitable for other programs to parse this output more easily.

The output structure is similar to Kubernetes resources, with kind, apiVersion, metadata ,spec and status fields.

List commands return a List resource, containing an items (or similar) field listing the items of the list, each item being also similar to Kubernetes resources.

Delete commands return a Status resource; see the Status Kubernetes resource.

Other commands return a resource associated with the command (Application, Storage', URL, etc).

The exhaustive list of commands accepting the -o json flag is currently:

commandsKind (version)Kind (version) of list itemsComplete content?
odo application describeApplication (
odo application listList ( (
odo catalog list componentsList (
odo catalog list servicesList ( (
odo catalog describe componentmissingn/ayes
odo catalog describe serviceCRDDescription (
odo component createComponent (
odo component describeComponent (
odo component listList ( (
odo config viewDevfileConfiguration (
odo debug infoOdoDebugInfo (
odo env viewEnvInfo (
odo preference viewPreferenceList (
odo project createProject (
odo project deleteStatus (v1)n/ayes
odo project getProject (
odo project listList ( (
odo registry listList (
odo service createServicen/ayes
odo service describeServicen/ayes
odo service listList (
odo storage createStorage (
odo storage deleteStatus (v1)n/ayes
odo storage listList ( (
odo url listList ( (