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Version: v2

odo build-images

odo can build container images based on Dockerfiles, and push these images to their registries.

When running the command odo build-images, odo searches for all components in the devfile.yaml with the image type, for example:

- image:
uri: ./Dockerfile
buildContext: ${PROJECTS_ROOT}
name: component-built-from-dockerfile

The uri field indicates the relative path of the Dockerfile to use, relative to the directory containing the devfile.yaml. The devfile specification indicates that uri could also be an HTTP URL, but this case is not supported by odo yet.

The buildContext indicates the directory used as build context. The default value is ${PROJECTS_ROOT}.

For each image component, odo executes either podman or docker (the first one found, in this order), to build the image with the specified Dockerfile, build context and arguments.

If the --push flag is passed to the command, the images are be pushed to their registries after they are built.