Deploy a devfile on IBM Z & Power

provide the doc to introduce how to rue devfiles on IBM Z & Power platform.

Deploying your first application using odo Devfile file reference

Using odo on IBM-Z and Power

Introduction to devfile

What is a devfile?

A devfile is a portable file that describes your development environment. It allows reproducing a portable development environment without the need of reconfiguration.

With a devfile you can describe:

  • Development components such as container definition for build and application runtimes

  • A list of pre-defined commands that can be run

  • Projects to initially clone

odo takes this devfile and uses it to create a workspace of multiple containers running on Kubernetes or OpenShift.

Devfiles are YAML files with a defined schema.

odo and devfile

odo can now create components from devfiles as recorded in registries. odo automatically consults the default registry but users can also add their own registries. Devfiles contribute new component types that users can pull to begin development immediately.

An example deployment scenario:

  1. odo create will consult the recorded devfile registries to offer the user a selection of available component types and pull down the associated devfile.yaml file

  2. odo push parses and then deploys the component in the following order:

    1. Parses and validates the YAML file

    2. Deploys the development environment to your Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster

    3. Synchronizes your source code to the containers

    4. Executes any prerequisite commands

Deploying your first devfile on IBM Z & Power

Since the DefaultDevfileRegistry doesn’t support IBM Z & Power now, you will need to create a secure private DevfileRegistry first. To create a new secure private DevfileRegistry , please check the doc secure registry.

The images can be used for devfiles on IBM Z & Power

Language Devfile Name Description Image Source Supported Platform
Java java-maven Upstream Maven and OpenJDK 11 s390x, ppc64le
Java java-openliberty Open Liberty microservice in Java s390x, ppc64le
Java java-quarkus Upstream Quarkus with Java+GraalVM s390x, ppc64le
Java java-springboot Spring Boot® using Java s390x, ppc64le
Vert.x Java java-vertx Upstream Vert.x using Java s390x, ppc64le
Node.JS nodejs Stack with NodeJS 12 s390x, ppc64le
Python python Python Stack with Python 3.7 s390x, ppc64le
Django python-django Python3.7 with Django s390x, ppc64le


Access to the Red Hat registry is required to use these images on IBM Power Systems & IBM Z.

Steps to use devfiles can be found in the doc deploy your first devfile.