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Below steps should help you get started with contributing to this website. Note that angular brackets (<, >) indicate placeholder data; you are not supposed to use them, but replace the brackets and text inside it with relevant information:

  • Fork the odo repo on GitHub under your namespace.

  • Clone the forked repository on your system:

    $ git clone<your-namespace>/odo/
  • Now cd into the directory where you cloned the repository:

    $ cd odo
  • Create a branch for the issue you are working on:

    $ git checkout -b <branch-name>
  • Website documentation is under the website/ directory in the root of the repo, and the markdown files rendered on this website are in docs/ directory inside that. So to make changes to these, cd into it:

    $ cd website/docs
  • Make the changes you want to propose to the documentation.

  • To see how your proposed change will look like on the website, you can run local instance of this website on your system. To do this, run below command from website/docs directory:

    # if you are doing it for the first time$ npm install # this command installs dependencies required to create the website
    $ npm run start
  • When you are happy with the changes, push it to your fork:

    $ git add <your-changed-files>$ git commit --message "<brief-explanation-of-changes>"$ git push origin <branch-name> # use the <branch-name> from earlier step
  • Open a pull request by visiting the odo repository on GitHub.