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Past events


Join us on Slack via our invite link

Email list

For general help and inquiries as well as developmental discussion, we use Google Groups as our email list.


Public meetings

Every two weeks, we have a contributors call meeting.

Every three weeks, we have two planning calls:

  • ``Sprint Planning Preparation and Issue Triage’’ - on Monday

  • ``Sprint Planning’’ - on Wednesday

You can find the exact dates of all scheduled odo calls together with sprint dates in the odo calendar.

To automatically get invites to the calls, add yourself to the odo-dev Google group.


Where do I start?

Odo is a complex project that touches both Kubernetes, OpenShift and Docker. We have a list of good first issues to help start.

How do I contribute code?

Want to submit your code? Have a look at our development guide. It goes over every aspect from submitting to writing tests.