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Version: 3.0.0 (Alpha 1) 🚧

odo list

odo list command is useful for getting information about components running on a specific namespace.

If the command is executed from a directory containing a Devfile, it also displays the command defined in the Devfile as part of the list, prefixed with a star(*).

For each component, the command displays:

  • its name,
  • its project type,
  • on which mode it is running (None, Dev, Deploy, or both), not that None is only applicable to the component defined in the local Devfile,
  • by which application the component has been deployed.

Available flags

  • --namespace - Namespace to list the components from (optional). By default, the current namespace defined in kubeconfig is used
  • -o json - Outputs the list in JSON format. See JSON output for more information